Project Updates

August 9th 2010

Thinking About Updating a Project

I'm not sure if I should update Punch or DaemonRip. If anybody has a preference let me know by contacting me.
March 17th 2010

Added Projects:

The projects page has now add some new additions to it. DaemonRip and iRiver Tools have been added to the list.
July 14th 2005

Homer Bot:

Well it's been a while since I've actually added something to my web site. So here is the latest addition to my projects. Homer Bot! A very simple IRC bot that has been built with a plugable architecture.
March 30th 2003


Waffle has gone through several updates in the past year. The current version available is now 0.7.2. However the snapshot is still at the 0.6.0 level. Waffles future development will most likely be based on Gnome 2 so it's current development is frozen.
October 16th 2002


Punch is a consol utility that allows you to track time spent on various projects. This script allows you to punch in and out of a project as well as ask for the total time spent on a project.