Waffle stands for Waffle's A Fast File Level Explorer. It was started as a project after being completely frustrated with Gnome midnight commander and the incredibly slowness and awkwardness of Nautilus. So it was decided that what Linux really needs is something that is fast, configurable, and able to do all the things a file explorer should do. And waffle was born.

However after a bit of development the idea of having extra features plug into the waffle engine was thought of. For things like burning a CD waffle would provide an ideal interface to gather files, for things like checking in and out files from CVS waffle would provide a good interface. so the Waffle Plug-in API was developed, again simple and fast so that it could be used in as many ways as possible.

Below is the development code for Waffle, at this time it is still rather alpha, not all features are implemented. The copy and past functions work, but the potential is there to do some damage, so be CAREFUL what you do with it right now. Full drag and drop support may also be implemented in the future.



The latest stable release of Waffle. Includes 'open with' support.

Current Release

The work in progress perl code for waffle. This is updated often. Basically any changes that are ever made to the waffle code are reflected in this file. So you could say this is unstable (or more stable... depending on how you look at things). Take a look at the Change log for updates since the last revision.


Is bare bones example of a plug-in for waffle. This will allow developers to see how to add functionality to waffle without having to modify the actual waffle code base. You have access to all of the components in waffle by referencing the waffleWidgets Hash. A full API spec will be developed at some future undetermined date (possibly never, but not likely).

At this point you must manually install the plugins into the /usr/share/waffle/plugins directory for plugins to be loaded.


In order to run Waffle you will need the following:


Plugins need to be installed manually into the /usr/share/waffle/plugins directory, This directory probalby needs to be created if you have not installed a plugin before.


Cruncher will archive selected files from waffle into various formats (depending if they are installed on your system).